Rae Stewart hits the official UK Charts with debut single ‘Be Down’

Introducing Rae Stewart the latest R&B vocal sensation from Manchester, UK.

Rae has spent many years behind the curtain honing her skills and perfecting her art and after some recent newfound confidence she is ready to step out of the shadows and shine her own perspective light on the world.

Rae Stewart is influenced by and grew up to the sounds of John Holt, Denise Brown, Bob Marley, Blondie, rock and roll, Cuban music, Prince, George Clinton, James Brown, Lauren hill, Swv, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Faith, Brandy, Lil Mo, Destiny child and B2k.

After finding a lane to drive in at her own speed and a team that supports, manages and produces her musical endeavours in the form of NorthSide Media Entertainment, this enabled her to  create and experiment, thus in turn finding the right sound for her voice.

Over some retro R&B sounds, Rae opens up on her first single ’Be Down’ an open heart pledge to a friend that states she’s ready to take their previously platonic relationship to the next level.

In the tradition of classic R&B Miss Stewart lays her heart on the line, openly expressing feelings while ultimately demanding her love be taken seriously.

So what is it you want…to Be Down  or not to be down ? Because after all that is the question.

The new single from Rae Stewart  ‘Be Down’ was released on 5th December 2017 on all popular media outlets.

The debut single from ‘Rae Stewart’ has now charted on the official UK Music Week Commercial Pop charts in the Top 20.



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