Renowned up & coming Singer/Songwriter ‘J.Solo’ drops ‘Run It Back’

Renowned up & coming Singer/Songwriter J.Solo droppin that HOT Hip-Hop material you’ve been searching for. About to explode on the scene, J.Solo is a unique artist emerging from Salinas, CA. A self-made entrepreneur and artist whos been working a grueling 2 different jobs at a time for over 6 years, all with the dream of being able to invest into his own career.

Since the age of 15, jottin down rhymes & going to every hip hop show he could afford, his drive only got stronger. The gift of gab is strong with this one, with many musical influences from the likes of Mac Dre, 2pac, Russ and many more! It’s a gonna be a never ending story with this one and someone you surely want to keep a close eye on. 2022 is said to be his Debut into the industry, so keep your ears posted and get ready for the phenomenon the games been missing.

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