Nigerian Born John Osa is a prolific lyricist, who has been writing and producing music since 1992. 

His style is hard to put in a box but straddles the lines between soft rock and rhythm and blues. His music displays strong international appeal and is not typical of any geographical style or cultural flavor.


After much anticipation, John Osa has released his debut album – ‘Unbowed’ – which features the smooth and powerful first single ‘Love Is Good.

“This is the second song I wrote for my wife; the love of my life. It is a song that reflects the joy of true love based on a call, a shared cause and a covenant.  It expresses the joy we have found in each other after past hurts.  There is only one way to truly love, and that is to take a deep breath and dive in. After all, perfect love casts out all fear”.John Osa 

John wrote the first ever theme song for the Nigerian National Soccer team, the Super Eagles, to commemorate their participation in the world cup in 1994. He has also written other songs to mark poignant moments in the political landscape of his nation. 

All in all, John has written over 100 songs and has received offers (which he turned down) to sell some of them to established global acts such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. He chose instead to hone his skills as a performing artist in various corporate gigs. John also had stints as a professional dancer and featured in music videos and concerts for acts such as Nigeria’s Sonny Okosun and Blackie. He featured as an actor in the Nigerian Home Video arena. 

His debut album ‘Unbowed’ was released on all major online platforms in July 2017 on his independent record label, Millennium Bang Records. It boasts of love songs, songs of social consciousness and songs of deep personal introspection. It is music for the whole man, spirit, soul and body. ITUNES

He is currently based in Johannesburg South Africa and shows are planned locally for the last quarter of 2017.



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