Rocky Writer Releases new single ‘Energy True’

Brooklyn, New York based musical talent Rocky Writer is taking the hip hop world by storm with her new single, Energy True. Originally born in East Orange, New Jersey to immigrant parents from Trinidad and Tobago, Rocky Writer not only draws from her heritage in her music, but she also incorporates different styles from around the world. This makes her music unique, powerful, and appealing to her wide fan base.

She has been compared to the musical superstar Rihanna at times, but Rocky Writer is determined to be unique with her music. She wants it to be not only a musical listening experience, but also a healing experience. Her music is tuned to 432 hertz, which is a healing frequency associated with earth tones. In addition, she also uses healing instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Healing Pyramids, and Crystal Singing Bowls, which can all be heard in Energy True.

In addition to the lyrics of the song she refers to as a “hood love song,” Rocky Writer believes the incorporation of these healing instruments not only enhances the listening experience, but also helps the listener have the lyrics sink in. Thanks to her creativity in combining the two musical worlds, we get the sensational beats of Energy True accompanied by the serenade of healing instruments. The song is truly a symbol of how versatile hip hop is as a genre.

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