Soul Exchange talk to Mixtaped about Life Eternal and Bloodbound – Interview

Mervilton Records recording artist The Soul Exchange is a band that has constructed a new alchemy from the rock solid foundation of the 70’s hard rock scene.

They have taken this influence into the new millennium and have created their own unique style of metal infused  modern guitar driven hard rock  with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements.

The Soul Exchange was founded in 2013 by guitarist Hans von Bell, drummer Benny White and guitarist Thomas von Bell.

In 2014  the trio was joined by vocalist Erik Olofsson and Tobias Chevalier (vocals  keyboards etc). The band enjoyed success with their eponymous debut album “The Soul Exchange”  produced by the seasoned rock producer and studio engineer Mats “Limpan” Lindfors  released on January 20th  2015.

In 2016 the band underwent some personnel changes  with Daniel John joining founding members Hans & Thomas von Bell as new vocalist and also bringing in Benny White on drums and Patrik “Patte” Ekel on bass making up the present line up of The Soul Exchange.

Life Eternal_Cover2

With the new line up  the band has moved into a new direction  both musically and image wise with a different modern sound and stage image. The Soul Exchange now releases their 2nd full length album ‘Bloodbound’  produced by the renowned Swedish producer Magnus “Tank” Ljungqvist  on the Mervilton Records.

‘Bloodbound’ is a much darker and modern sounding effort  than the debut. The band claims that “this is a new era of The Soul Exchange” and that “Soul Exchange have found its sound on the 2nd release and this will be the formula going forward.

Modern hard rock with a great portion of metal influences  and most importantly  the vocal arrangements and melodies are having a major focus in The Soul Exchanges otherwise riff oriented music”.

The phrase “It is the sound of a new world being born and the louder sound of an old world being destroyed” has never been more relevant than for the new album by The Soul Exchange !

The brand new single from ‘The Soul Exchange’ is entitled ‘Life Eternal’ and is out now.


How would you describe your sound it rocks ?

Metal influenced guitar driven modern Hard Rock with a dark theme and with great attention to the vocal melodies and arrangements.

 What is your new single about and what’s the message behind it  ?

The albums’ lead track and 2nd single “Life Eternal” is about a young kid who find himself in a church searching for answers about life and death, he is confronted with a dark hooded figure “Demon” who promises him eternal life in return for his soul which eventually leads to disaster. Lyrically the track is inspired by a classic horror movie theme and musically we have aimed at creating a modern sounding metal tune with a very melodic and pop oriented chorus. Typical metal meets pop/rock in a modern framework.

 What inspired you to start a career in the music business ?

All band members come from various musical backgrounds and have their own influences.

 Hans – I, myself grew up listening to the 70’s Hard Rock and Prog oriented rock. As many other kids at the time, I started to practice with some friends in a garage, and we went from playing covers of our favourite bands to writing our own music. However, it took me many years before I began writing music in a serious manner and eventually realized I did become as much a composer as a guitarist.

 Daniel – First time I realised I could make money of playing music was in the 3rd grade. I played the trumpet in a church and got payed for it.

However, I started playing music in a somewhat professional manner at the age of 17, playing as troubadour at the local pub together whit a friend. After that, I got into a band as backup singer, and later took over the lead role. I started to write my own songs in the early 90’s. But it wasn’t until -96 I moved to Stockholm to pursuit a professional music career.

Who are your fave rockers ?

Hans- For me it started with bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rush and Pink Floyd to name a few. In recent years’ I have taken a lot influences from the Swedish contemporary metal scene e.g. Ghost, Katatonia, Evergrey, Graveyard and Opeth

Daniel – Almost impossible to answer. I draw inspiration from a high variety of artists. For instance, when writing this, I am listening to Dream Theater. Song wise I’m listening to other progressive metal like Circus maximus, Pagans minde, Kamelot and other great singers. But to name an all time winner isn’t really doable for me.





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