Take 5 from ‘Dejhare’ is about taking 5 minutes to stop what you are doing and smell the roses!

Dejhare (pronounced deɪ-Jhar) loves the idea of using music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories and on which to share the happiness, the hopes, the perspectives and the frustrations of our shared humanity. Dejhare’s vision is to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level. She believes that music can unite us; music can heal us; and music can bring hope and a voice to us all.

Through music, we can hear the voices of the silent and listen to the stories of the unheard. Because whatever our beliefs and aspirations, we all share common desires – to love and to be loved, to succeed in what we do, and to matter.

The new single Take Five is almost literally about taking 5 minutes to stop what you are doing and smell the roses, so to speak.  In a deeper context, it is inspired by the realisation arising from the introspective consideration borne during this era of the endless pandemic and the worsening climate crisis that we need to step out of the familiar drudgery and reward ourselves with something positive. 

Taking time to feel love and enjoy time with those you love is a good and simple example.  We each have just one life; but sadly, for most of us, this life is spent working to pay endless bills that we burden ourselves with.  We jump on the career bandwagon as we hit adulthood and we stay on it until retirement, accumulating all manner of material things that we need to pay for, and we measure our success in the cost of the things we buy.  In Take Five, I ask us all to stop travelling down this endless road and turn to other things we should value and appreciate.  It is really that simple.

Take Five is the opening track off the new EP from Dejhare entitled Plead the FifthPlead the Fifth is a special EP focused on our collective vulnerability as a people living in the 21st century.  We are seeing an increasingly complex world around us with technology playing a role we are yet to fully grasp.  As our material living standards continue to improve and as globalisation builds an increasingly connected and technological society, we are struggling to match this with social and individual growth, and we are watching many fundamental values slowly being erased and our world sink into environmental catastrophe. 

We celebrate superficiality and pretentiousness while allowing ourselves to be manipulated; hatred and discrimination seem to be spreading; wealth has become the most important metrics of success; and as everyone wants to shout their story, nobody takes time to listen anymore. 

Against this backdrop, we retain our fundamental struggles as we search for love, success, and acceptance, and much of what makes us human is still shared across generations and borders.  Plead the Fifth concedes these difficulties we face, and without judgement accepts that this is a world we have built ourselves. 

So don’t let anyone judge you, and don’t judge yourself – if things are not working quite as they should, it might be because the world is a little crazy.  Don’t let negative people drag you down and call them out when they do – they don’t have an edge over you.  Stick to your goals and aspirations, whatever they may be, and take time to enjoy the beauty around you.  Accept your failures and mistakes for what they are without anyone taking you down for them and understand that it is not easy being human.  Despite all that, life is something to be celebrated – so make the most of it.









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