Talented rapper and artist, Name Six releases new album ‘Oxygen’

Creating unforgettable rhymes is the talented rapper and artist, Name Six who has been busy carving out a name for himself thanks to his unique lyrical flow. With such ease, he blends a variety of genres and influences to create his own signature style and sound on every track he creates.

Name Six’s voice carries a warm and honey like sound, which makes him stand out in today’s music scene. Every hook and line has a mesmerizing tone attached to it, which can be experienced in his most recent album, Oxygen.


Name Six skillfully brings listeners into his own world through his masterful storytelling and composition techniques.

The way he crafts such vivid stories and turns them into unforgettable rhymes and melodies is unlike anything else. Acting as a real life role model for the youth and younger generations, Name Six aims to inspire and connect with people from across the world through his work.


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