The new single ‘Your Love’ from ‘Missy Alcazar’ is about how love truly has the power to uplift, heal and unite.

‘Your Love’ is the new single from ‘Missy Alcazar’. “Your Love” is a song written about all of the people that have helped me level up on my journey towards healing from grief & trauma. It was written as a thank you for all of my Twitch community members that stuck by me through adversity. It’s about how love truly has the power to uplift, heal and unite. This song is dedicated to TeamMissy.

Missy Alcazar is a filipina american multi-instrumentalist and true renaissance woman. Her first EP album “Come Love Me” released in 2018, helped her acclaim nomination for Best Singer Songwriter at the 2019 San Diego Music Awards. In 2019 she released her 2nd EP Album titled “Goodbye” dedicated to the struggles of grief losing her mother to cancer. She’s currently working on her first full length album titled “Figuring It Out” which is set to be released later this year 2022.

This album is dedicated to “Project Semi-Colon” a non-profit moment dedicated to presenting hope to those struggling with mental health, suicide, and addiction. She holds title of being the first resident female dueling pianist at Disneyland’s “Showdown At The GoldenHorseshoe.” Missy performs as a dueling pianist internationally, streams daily on Twitch and manages her own piano studio, indie record label and art studio. She’s heavily into philanthropy and regularly collaborates with organizations all over the world, specifically Romblon, Philippines.



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