“The way it sounds u can feel it in your heart & mind” says rapper ‘J-Giv’ as he drops ‘Vibe’.

Rapper J-Giv delivers a melodic word play performance in his latest release “Vibe.” J-Giv is the renowned Bay Area rapper influencer. Vibe‘s delivery brings a party-like movement listeners can immediately gravitate their energy towards the fun vitality J-Giv conveys. The East Palo Alto rapper is known to many to create a positive impact in a very narrow space amongst rap. His heavy mindset in pushing a more positive outlook on Hip Hop was the major reason “Vibe” was created. Inspired to help his nephew, King Eric, who was in a dark place, J-Giv encouraged him to use the art of Hip Hop’s as an outlet for optimism in turning his mood around. The two created “Vibe” together which adds more quality to the song. Musical sensation rapper Nipsey Hussle was a huge influence to J-Giv growing up whom he hopes to promote himself as that impactful figure to others as Nipsey was to himself. “Vibe” will bring Bob Marley impression and a TuPac blithe.

J-Giv will be releasing music videos as well as his own clothing line on his path of entrepreneurship in music. “Good Vibes , the message is have fun don’t listen to negative people cause u only got one life
so enjoy it – they way it sounds u can feel it in your heart & mind” -J-Giv

“Vibe” is streaming on all digital platforms
Curtis “Sircut” audio engineer @ Redwall studios for “Vibe.

Press written by -trushiro.



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