The single ‘Moonlight’ is the first Afrobeat production from ‘Luther Monroe’ and features the incredibly talented vocalist ‘BwuoyMace’ from Laos Nigeria.

‘Moonlight’ is the brand new Afrobeat single from electronic music producer ‘Luther Monroe’. The single ‘Moonlight’ is the first Afrobeat production from ‘Luther Monroe’ and features the incredibly talented vocalist BwuoyMace from Laos Nigeria.

‘Luther Monroe’ is a versatile and dynamic electronic music producer of lots of different genres from London in the UK. Talking about his career Luther Monroe says “I make all kinds of beats and love to twist things up a bit in all my productions, so that they’re never strictly just one flavour.  I’m classically trained from very young in piano and violin, and love to combine organic instrumentation using lots of different real instruments with electronic music hardware and software I’ve become very skilled at using over the years“.

On his 3 officially published releases so far, the styles are arabesque liquid drum and bass, nu Jazz/broken beats, horror themed Chill Trap, Bass House, Orchestral UK Garage transitioning into Breaks and Operatic and Orchestral Fusion Chill Trap.  His 12 track debut album entitled “State Of The Art” drops in October 2022 and will contain even more production styles.

The London-based electronic music producer has honed his craft over the years with both real and electronic instruments to become the genuine Artist he is today.

He consistently receives inspiration from a number of classical and EDM styles, and Luther Monroe combines a variety of compositional elements, incorporating real instruments with organic composition, to form his unique and authentic sound that has built his reputation as a truly versatile and dynamic producer.

Luther Monroe currently has three releases in his published discography on Soundcloud, Spotify, and many other platforms. Some of Luther’s most popular tracks include the likes of, ‘Tangier Recon’ with over one hundred thousand streams, ‘Wrong Turn’, amassing almost eighty thousand streams, and ‘No Time For Sorrow’ gathering over fifty thousand streams since its recent release in July 2022.

With a growing number of followers and listeners and over two thousand two hundred regular monthly listeners on Spotify alone, there is no denying the fact that Luther Monroe is developing a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear ‘Moonlight’. 

Luther is also currently working on his official debut album, ‘State Of The Art’, which is due to drop sometime in October 2022; it contains a plethora of music genres including, “Chill Trap, UK Garage, Big Beat, Electro Rock, Atmospheric Drum and Bass, Soft Metal, Exotic Downtempo, Psychedelic Dub, World Fusion, Orchestral Fusion, and Operatic Fusion”.

After the release of ‘Moonlight’, Luther Monroe plans to release another two-track EP containing “some heavily Tango influenced tech house and a beautifully dreamy dub techno production”.





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