Thomas Passon has launched his brand new album ‘Illusion’ with Beats from an industrial era and lyrics straight from Pandora’s box

Thomas Passon is an artist and producer based in Wuppertal near Cologne, Germany.

Thomas Passon has widespread musical influences like Peter Gabriel, Kraftwerk, Pantera and Toto which reflects in his diverse sound.

Thomas Passon’s first array into the music world was when he played in a school band and he says “The band promoted the German language in foreign countries and I got to travel and perform many gigs”.

The manifesto of Thomas Passon and how he describes his own music is “Lyrical splinters, particles of being, molecular moments in time”.

Thomas Passon is back with an eclectic and unique album entitled ‘Illusion’ which is guaranteed to warp your musical imagination. Ten songs. Ten simple words. Ten modern German masterpieces to be deconstructed by you the listener.

Beats from an industrial era and lyrics straight from Pandora’s box. Fragments of melodies, fantasies, subjective projections through space and time. It’s biographical. Introspective. Retrospective. Intended for the future.

This is not music to be distracted by and you’ll find fragments of your own search for the why in this melting pot of rock riffs, thumping basslines, synthesizers, electro-pop and surreal semantic rock.

Supported by his band Thomas Passon is that lone voice in the wilderness depicting a cold world that nobody can explain but in which we all exist. In his own words he says “Here you’ll find icy fragments of frozen tunes ideal for thawing and enjoying at your pleasure”.


The new album from Thomas Passon is entitled ‘Illusion’ and will be released worldwide on TP Music on 20 December 2018
and is preceded by the single ‘Los’ on 22 November 2018.

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