TiggyBouf, also known as The Boufster, drops a new banger, “Overdose”

Chicago Based Rapper, TiggyBouf, on the Rise with Debut Album “Love Tiggy” and hot new single, “Overdose”

TiggyBouf’s latest album, “Love Tiggy”, has put this Chicago-born and raised rapper on the map with eight hot tracks. TiggyBouf doesn’t mess around and goes hard on each and every track.

TiggyBouf, also known as The Boufster, released a new banger, “Overdose” which captures his hustle and grind mentality—“Ima get this money til’ I overdose” as the song hook states.

After listening to “Overdose”, you’ll love Tiggy just like everyone else does! The song starts with an instrumental. Then, TiggyBouf raps over the slapping beat. You’ll find he is full of raw energy, confidence, ambition and skill.

Check out TiggyBouf’s “Overdose” right now:

When asked about “Overdose”, TiggyBouf reveals:

“This particular single was made in the spur of the moment. I said what I really felt at the time. My consistency and good product turned me into a neighborhood Star.”

TiggyBouf has big dreams and nothing will stand his way of achieving them: My next step is to be global. I want to be famous! I see myself doing BIG THINGS.”

After listening to his album, “Love Tiggy” and especially his single, “Overdose”, there’s no doubt TiggyBouf will reach the top.
Watching TiggyBouf perform, you can see he drips swag and confidence. He isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, call out his haters and work hard to grind his way to the top.

TiggyBouf started his career at a young age. The Chicago-based rapper reveals, I started through the spoken word and poetry.”

This shows how The Boufster is not just a rapper, but a true artist.

In addition, TiggyBouf isn’t just rapping for himself. When asked about his inspiration and influences, Tiggy confirmed, My God and Family.”

TiggyBouf’s artistic talent combined with his unbreakable determination will bring this Chicago-based rapper to the top in no time.

Love Tiggy is available on all platforms (Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and global outlets).

Throw “Love Tiggy” on repeat and run it up for TiggyBouf.

Follow TiggyBouf on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bouftiggy
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2rCiQM4RSwisynVqVpiNjR?nd=1
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TiggyBouf

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