Following his successful release of Child’s Play mixtape, Thibe Da Kid is releasing his new single titled #Bravo which is a lead single to his upcoming project “Weirdo (The Nobody)”.

#Bravo, which is audience’s shout of approval, tells a story of where Thibe Da Kid from where has been to where he is right now and what he stands for. The single was produced by his trusted producer MPH Boy Genius and released under his company Design Pie Music Group. Throughout the song you can hear people clapping hands for Thibe Da Kid, applauding him for his brilliance and skill on lyricism, delivery and overall artistry.



The music video shows Thibe Da Kid walking into a museum where he meets up with MPH and after walking around a bit, he got lost into this one painting and goes into a dream. In this dream he appears with his friends dressed in all black and him dressed in all white celebrating his artistry and clapping hands for him. The guest appearance includes musicians Boywonder, Double Kay and producer MPH. At the end of the video MPH wakes up Thibe and asks him what is wrong with him and Thibe tells him how the painting has a Bravo effect.

This is surely going to be that breakout song for Thibe Da Kid and elevate him to higher heights and the world will finally get to know about his inspirational life story.

@SoverignGina had this to say about the song:

This artist is spectacular! I say this because, for one, not many understand the importance of beat selection. I always say beat selection is like mood setting and this artist here, from what I’ve listened to knows that and picked what resembles his style or sense of presentation. The beats are beautifully quality produced and the music video, he did more with less. Bravo, the open to me is really intricate too. It sounded nostalgic and then thereafter transcending to a rather energised “beastly” mode. The presentation is really great and I’d say artistic too”.

“Content of music. What i adore the most is, even though his sound is very much current, the content is sensual. The artist knows how to articulate his flow and diction. Flow is very important to grasp attention and he does it well, and his content is well structured enough to make it clear that he at most knows how to structure and arrange a song. Thus the message is brought forth clearly. He is a really skilled one. I am definitely hooked and a new fan.



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