‘3isthemagic’ to drop his spectacular album ‘Die Loving You’ about LOVE on Valentines Day 2020

After previously dropping 3 mixtapes and 2 singles, rising artist ‘3isthemagic’ announces his incredible official debut album ‘Die Loving You’.

3isthemagic has put together a high quality work of magic filled with a variety of hip-hop sounds, chill vibes and new age flows.

When asked about the album, 3isthemagic said “The album is of course about LOVE… If I don’t have love, I have nothing… Pretty deep stuff right?”


Double meanings. Double entendres.


Die Loving You – Love this way for too long and it will kill you- No matter how long the love will never fully fade – idk
Dance With Me – Love is new, exciting, fresh, dance, vibe, live, invigorating,
Origami – Love is mysterious, twisted, intricate, free flowing
Red Flags – Is this love? Do we crash and burn to live and learn?
Slide Thru – Love is cool but… right now let’s chill
Trap – love is… a trap.
Love Got You – Love will have you sick out of your mind, depressed, unraveled, messed up all the way in the head.
Like I’m dead – Love can show you new paths to take. Go. Let go. Live. Learn. Be.
Anticipation – Love in a super optimistic approach. Spinnanite bag ready?
Boomerang – Love revolves but will it evolve?

Die Loving You was creating in Legacy Studios and engineered/mixed by mixedbymusik and mixedbywayne.

This album brings you new school hip-hop filled with the vulnerability of expressing his Cancerian emotions through story-telling raps.

With the much anticipated release the album already has a popular star on the song ‘Like I’m Dead’ on Apple Music.


Businesses interested in partnership or media opportunities can learn more on the website of 3isthemagic.com or email 3isthemagicofficial@gmail.com


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