A universal mixed up fusion of galaxy driven epic Hip-Hop as Rap star ‘Marz’ unleashes ‘Marz on Earth’

There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than finding a track you like and blasting it up on the speakers. And for the past couple of hours, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with The Real King Marz’s brand new album, entitled “Marz on Earth”.

“Marz on Earth” is a delicious and fresh take on a subject that is as old as the world – that of life itself. The album takes on a variety of common, relatable subjects, and yet manages to paint them in such a light that they appear new and exciting to the listener. It truly feels like a brand new take on Earth, and that’s no easy feat, not even for an artist as skilled as The Real King Marz.

Dealing quite heavily with life in the hood, loyalty (both to family and friends), juggling a job and a passion for creativity, “Marz on Earth” is the perfect album to listen to in these hot summer days. Throughout the album, Marz keeps it light, at least as far as the beat is concerned. He brings out the sort of songs you can easily lose yourself with. You can listen to the music as a background piece, not focusing on the lyrics, and it makes for a very happy, upbeat sort of listening.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get into something a little deeper, you can pay attention to the lyrics. You’ll quickly discover that Mars, aside from being a gifted musician and having a great voice, is also a talented lyricist. Tackling “rough” subjects that will appeal to even the pickiest of listeners, Marz’s songs are the real deal. They’re raw and coming at you straight from the heart, leaving you little room to dodge.

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Although the overall mood of the album is light-hearted and chill, or at least seems to be, you will find yourself contemplating complex subjects – life, love, and everything else about those two, to be precise.

With a smooth, appealing voice, Marz has been making a name for himself for the past four years, and has now come to be recognized as one of the leading figures on the rap scene of today. With an exciting vibe that combines both old and new styles, The Real King Marz is the artist you should be keeping an eye on, ‘cause he never disappoints.



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