‘La Stat’ mixes up a classic sound on ‘Hour of Destiny’ album

Haven’t you been longing for a good hip-hop rhythm to just lose yourself to?

Something to help you forget the craziness of 2020 and just chill back and relax with some good killer beats?

I know I have. Luckily for us both, I found just the thing, and today, I’m gonna clue you in on a little secret. Two words. La Stat. The name of the artist you’ll love this year. The one who’ll do everything I mentioned earlier – help you kick back and forget, but also enjoy yourself.

Having recently released his killer new album “Hour of Destiny”, La Stat immediately comes across as a breath of fresh air on an overly-saturated music scene. His rhythm is meaningful, but carries no empty boasts. You know how some hip hoppers pretend to have a certain attitude and rep? Well, La Stat has all that and it’s no pretence.

La Stat is the real deal, and that deal is a talented and strong hip hop voice to blast on those speakers.


Hour of Destiny” is riddled with great tunes. “Playin Fa Keeps” is one such example, and listeners seem to agree with me, seeing as it’s the most well liked out of the bunch. A song about life, about difficulty, but also about ambition, it’s that sort of universal track that anyone and everyone feels deep in their soul. And that makes them play it on repeat over and over, until they know each lyric. Until they’ve felt any and every emotion La Stat touches on. And with such a versatile artist, trust me, there’s plenty of emotion. “Playin Fa Keeps” (as well as the rest of the album) is a roller coaster ride of feeling, of what it means to be human – superbly sung with skill and artistic poise. La Stat never gets gushy, but he still manages to drive the point straight to your soul.

Speaking of soul, the track “Soulful Represent” is quite a different trip than the other songs on the album. With its memorable, largely spoken rhythm, “Soulful Represent” feels both like a ballad, but also a riddle.

Once again, it’s peppered with a lot of life experience and emotion, but done in an unusual and exciting style.

And it’s perhaps this track that captures the essence of why you should be listening to La Stat – because he’s something new and interesting.



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