Hitting the charts globally, ‘Intelligent Diva’ returns with another banger ‘Pain’.

Intelligent Diva is definitely making moves and we love the path she’s on. From her very own record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records, she has released songs which have charted on the Independent charts, iTunes Charts, Major Airplay charts, and Billboard charts. Recently, the artist has dropped an EP called “Stop Calling Me”.

On the single “Stop Calling Me”, it contains 4 singles from the following music genres, rock, r&B, adult contemporary, metal rap, pop. At least these are the genres of music which the songs actually could fall under.  Intelligent Diva is a music artist who has so much diversity. She has so much as an artist who has so much diversity, where she has released another banger called Pain. The track Pain is very nice with a strong production.

Pain is an urban hip hop song where a woman has chosen to forgive a man who has cheated. But she feels that he is giving 100%. It feels like he is lying about being apologetic. So, it’s painful to stay in a situation like that, and she doesn’t want to. This is why we love Intelligent Diva. Her music is versatile, and it’s about situations you go through while trying to maintain a work life balance.

She’s an artist who is fun to watch while she takes you on a journey with her music. From her creation of the project in the music studio, to the sneak peaks of the cover art, the visuals, the building her metaverse, the video game and final release of the music project. Then how she ties it all together. From releasing music which hits the charts, to the merchandise, and all other projects tied to the project which is her own intellectual property.

Intelligent Diva raps, sings, she does her own vocal arrangements, and co producers her own tracks. She’s also an actress and does her own who does her own voice overs. The Stop Calling Me, EP is an ep that you can turn on, and hear all of her musical talent. We are here for it!

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