MIXTAPED BEST NEW RAP AND HIP-HOP: The queen of sexy rap ‘Intelligent Diva’ seduces on her new drop ‘Sexy Walk’ that’s fit for a pharaoh!

What do technology, beauty, art and fashion all have in common? A one of a kind artist from Jacksonville, Florida, by the name of Intelligent Diva. An artist as talented as she is beautiful, Intelligent Diva has really been making a name for herself in the music industry these past few years with hits like “Boyshorts”, “Submit to You” and most recently with her latest “Sexy Walk”.

Intelligent Diva is a woman on a mission, whose entire existence seems to be about only one goal: following her passion and creating music that makes her heart sing. And not just hers. Through her catchy, sensual tunes, Intelligent Diva has been amassing a growing following ever since she put out her first track. She’s a new artist, but she’s already gathering great support through her social media.

And it’s no surprise, since her songs are all so highly relatable. Because who hasn’t been in love and who hasn’t stopped to worry about where their relationship with their partner is going?
Because that seems to be the main message in all of Intelligent Diva’s tracks. She’s trying to push you, the listener, to make a little bit of effort and show your loved one you care. But most importantly, she wants to make you feel sexy again.


MIXTAPED BEST NEW RAP AND HIP-HOP: The queen of sexy rap ‘Intelligent Diva’ seduces on her new drop ‘Sexy Walk’ that’s fit for a pharaoh! – Mixtaped  

That’s what “Sexy Walk” is all about, it’s about unleashing this sexual powerhouse that exists within each of us and that too many hide away for shame or fear of being judged. “Sexy Walk” is a highly powerful tune, one that will rock straight through you and hit you at your very core.

Sexy Walk” is both sensual and strong, and its repetitive nature only serves to enhance the feeling and drive the message home. No doubt that for other, less talented musicians, such a looping rhythm could sabotage the entire song, but it’s not the case for Intelligent Diva.

She uses the beats in tandem with her compelling voice to get into your head and make you become obsessed with “Sexy Walk” so that you’ll be humming it on the subway the next day. You have been warned.

It’s definitely one of the most fun songs I’ve heard in a while and feels like a breath of fresh air on an overly stuffy musical atmosphere.

Love’s all about fun and games when you’re 19, but no longer once you pass that age and the worries of life begin weighing you down. But why can’t it remain as fun and sexy and careless as it was in those first years?

That seems to be the main message behind Intelligent Diva’s brand new song, “Sexy Walk”.

As we get on with our lives, love takes a bit of a backseat, though it shouldn’t. It should be just as exciting when you’re 30 as when you are 19, and that’s exactly what Intelligent Diva wants to remind you.

Coming as a great follow-up to her previous hits, “Submit to You” and “Boyshorts”, “Sexy Walk” is, as the name suggests, a most sensual tune. It’s about having a romantic evening with your significant other and about making an effort for them. About strutting your stuff and putting on your sexiest, most compelling walk for them. But not just for your partner.

Also for you. Because love is about being and growing together, it’s about being a team and that’s the message that shines through each of Intelligent Diva’s songs.

The rhythm for “Sexy Walk” is slow and electrifying and the best part about the song is that it allows you to lose yourself in the music, indulging in your own sexy walk, because if Intelligent Diva can sing about it in front of the whole world, why couldn’t you do it in front of just one other person?

The song, I think, manages t do exactly what it sets out to do, and that is inspire you to live in the moment, to stop foregoing your own happiness and pleasure.

Sexy Walk” is about shedding your inhibitions. It’s telling you to live in the moment and stop getting lost in all these petty day-to-day worries that eat up so much of our time. Stress from work or from your permanent job as a parent, paying the bills, doing the washing up. I mean, after all that, who’s got the time to get down and have a little fun with their other half?

Well, you should. Or at least, that’s what Intelligent Diva thinks and I’d say she’s got it down to a T. Go listen to “Sexy Walk” if you haven’t already because it’s the most fun song about being alive that you’ll hear this year.




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