Rolling up a warm Hip-Hop sensation and seductive Rap beat, Tick Tock Q’ and ‘Day G’ get ‘Rolling High’

Life becomes hotchpotch, when you have to create a balance between your wants and needs.

This too created web for our emerging novices from New York; Tick Tock Q and Day G. Both of the champs have finely dealt with taste buds of ‘we’ audience, dealing with hassle of this year 2020. Where we are nor into the world of fairy tales neither so in bitter reality; thanks to turmoil of COVID and the Big world.


The recent release of their song “Rolling high” is amazingly weaved in a way that it takes you to the initial part of youth and free-life buds.

The initial part of the track where Day-G makes you believe in all fantasies you have been thinking of throughout your life; booze and parties.

Meanwhile, the audience starts enjoying the track; here comes then our super rapper, Tick Tock Q. Where he takes you for the more real and fanatic ride of life by mourning about George Floyd incident.


Rolling High, small track of short span of time, takes you to taste the real essence of music. This makes you to think of what makes the real subject of your life either your treasures or the sufferings around. This duality of track in two parts, first the melodic but full of fantasy though the other one hip hop but bitter one.

Tick Tock Q and Day G know the requirement of audience more deeply, because they know where the sore point of today’s youth is! and this makes their square deal in world of music and jazz.



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