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MIXTAPED RAP AND HIP-HOP MASTERS OF 2020: The incredible Rap messenger ‘Abel Meri’ drops "#BLM" a prolific deep dive and social commentary on the current state of civil rights and police brutality in America

Think Fab meets Jadakiss meets J. Cole as 90’s era boom bap lines collide with modern day sonic vibrations. Seamlessly bridging the generational gap, this is what evolved rap sounds like. Abel is an Ethiopian-born and DMV-bred recording artist. An MC’s MC and a throwback to the era of bars and lyricism, Abel’s 90’s influence […]

MIXTAPED RADICAL EXPLICIT HIP-HOP AND RAP OF 2020: Midnightview spits out his dope red hot new drop ‘I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up’

Jamaican born rapper, Midnightview has been in the music scene for nearly a decade. The music style of Midnightview has been compared to that of JayZ, J Cole and Drake with mixes of rock-n-roll. His New Single “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up” features […]

The amazing ‘Rello Bandz’ drops a catchy, infectious single with her irresistible and bouncy ‘We Are’

Rello Bandz created “We Are” in 2019 which has touched thousands of lives since she released the track. “We Are” is an upbeat, catchy tune that you can’t help but vibe to. This young artist has everything it takes to rise to the top of the rap game. When asked about the hit single, Rello […]

NEW 2020 HIP-HOP: “I be rapping till I die” spits ‘SHADNR’ on dope new release ‘925 Freestyle’

The brand new drop ‘925 Freestyle’ from rising rapper and hip-hop artist SHADNR showcases his distinctive style, unique character and captivating flow. With the new explosion of hip hop, grime and trap in full force, SHADNR leads the flow and delivers a stylish, well produced, dreamy and infectious sound. SHADNR spits tight bars in his […]

‘Ivory’ recently declared that “This is my best project so far” as he prepares to drop new E.P ‘Rigor Mortis

‘Ivory is a Belgium artist who started writing and producing music at the age of 16. Ivory originally started out as a songwriter only and later developed a talent for producing the music. Ivory takes his inspiration from worldwide acts like J. Cole and Kanye West. The music video was released on 31 January 2020 […]